What We Do

The technology department provides technology resources and technical support to the school district whenever it is needed. We ensure smooth day-to-day operation of technology and the accessibility of resources to users.

We're responsible for the "behind the scenes" aspects of technology, including setting up educational platforms and maintaining the network infrastructure, telephone systems, and servers positioned throughout the district.

Our work requires us to perform an assortment of jobs, including troubleshooting program errors, installing software, troubleshooting and installing auxiliary equipment, upgrading and repairing computers, reporting and installing warranty parts, and installing and setting up new equipment.

Amy Chumney

Technology Director

Phone Number: 325-453-4555

Kaylee Pentacost

Berni Pentacost

Max Garcia


Student Technology Team

Carter Fluhmann,

Rhetick Hayes

Rhett Rangel

Alec Henson

Student Technology Team