Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

Under Texas law, the Robert Lee Independent School District is not responsible for any accidental injuries that occur to students while under the school’s supervision or participating in UIL activities/interscholastic sports.

Our School District has partnered with The Brokerage Store Inc. to give families the opportunity to purchase accident insurance for their student(s). When enrolled, this coverage provides financial assistance with your out-of-pocket medical expenses should your student sustain an accidental bodily injury.


Reasons to consider coverage for your student:
1. Your primary health insurance has a high deductible – copay – coinsurance.
2. No other insurance on your student.
3. Your student participates in a sport where unexpected injuries commonly occur.


To Enroll Your Student & Review Medical Benefits Visit:

There, you can find more information, including FAQs and claim forms.
(Under K-12, select K12 Students, Find My School > Texas, Go > Robert Lee ISD, Go)