Jacklin Allison

JH/HS Science and Art Teacher

(325)-453-4555 ex. 1210

Course Schedule:

First Period: 8th Art 8:00-8:45

Second Period: Cafeteria Duty 8:52-9:12

Third Period: Conference: 9:16-10:04

Fourth Period: Earth and Space Science 10:08-10:56

Fifth Period: Integrated Physics and Chemistry 11:00-11:48

Sixth Period: Conference 11:51-12:40

Seventh Period:  Robotics 1:14-2:02

Eight Period:Freshman  Art 2:06-2:54

Ninth Period: Art 2  2:58- 3:47



Jacklin Allison


We are excited to welcome the 2021 - 20222 new year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the first day.

Welcome To A New Year