Home and Away Basketball Ticket Information

RLISD ticket procedures and COVID guidelines


RLISD Covid Guidelines


•     For all Junior High games (home or away), High School district games (home or away), and all 
games at RLISD, tickets will have to be

picked up from the High School office before the games.

•     Every game will require a different ticket.  For example, if we have 4 games and you would 
like to attend all four games, you will need to get 4 tickets.

•     Tickets will only be picked up at the High School office.  You will pay once you get to the 

•     Parents will be allowed to pick up tickets on Wednesday and Thursday for the following week.  
On Friday, tickets will be

available for the general public to pick up and will be available every day until we are sold out.

•     Parents will be limited to the number of tickets in your immediate family.  Other members of 
the family will have to get their tickets when available for the general public.

•     Members of the general public will be limited to two (2) tickets per person.

•     For Junior High games, High School District games, and all games at RLISD, the gym will be 
cleared after each game and all spectators will have to re-enter the gym with a new ticket.

•     For the non-district away games, procedures will be sent out via Facebook and the RLISD 
website as soon as our office receives the information from the school we are playing.

•     Please call if you have any questions. (325) 453-4555.