Amy Chumney

English Teacher




English Language Arts and Reading 9-12


Greetings!  I am excited to be returning to RLISD for the 2021-2022 school year. I enjoy teaching and look forward to the upcoming school after such crazy times.  I am a mother of 3 wonderful adult children and have been married over 20 years.  I am a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair from an ATV accident 18 years ago.  Students that have had me already can vouch that I do fine with the hand I was dealt.  Ask them, they will tell you.  I have taught in Texas and Florida and have a valid teaching certificate in both states.  I have taught a English Language Arts and Reading to a variety of ability levels.  I hope to engage and push each student to do their best.  I hope to share my passion for language and enthusiasm for the subject content with all students!  

I have provided all materials (highlighters, pencils, pens, scissors, sticky notes, markers, glue sticks, small dry erase boards, erasers, etc...) I ask that students leave these in the classroom to use all year.  Once all Chromebooks are issued, we will be integrated in to Google Classroom.  Students will need to charge their laptops at home and come to class with it each day prepared and ready to work. They need to have it every day in class.  This is not a negotiable item, as we use them every day.  If a student does not have it charged and ready to go: strike 1-verbal warning, strike 2-see the principal, strike 3- see the principal. (At this point they may  not be allowed to take the computer home). 

Students will also not be allowed to bring cokes or soft drinks into the classroom and will not allowed to sit on the tops of the tables/desk nor lie on the floors.   I will also be strictly enforcing the cell phone policy.  I will be taking it to the office, per our student handbook guidelines.


English 1 and 2 are STAAR tested subjects.  I prefer not to speak about this until right before the testing window (April).  If I am doing my job and students are doing their job, there is no need to stress about a test.  Students that struggle in this subject will have extra time to spend with me all year so everyone can feel comfortable on testing day.  It is my personal belief that this test, although important, is just a test.  I understand that there is life outside of the school walls and students do not need the added stress.  I will do my best to make sure everyone is prepared, although we may not call it "STAAR" in the classroom. 

I post my lesson plans and almost all assignments online (occasional paper and pen assignments).  I try not to give too much homework.  If a student has homework, other than reading a library book, it is because they did not finish in class.  If a student is gone for a planned absence (school related or not), they can get their assignments from me ahead of time.  This helps the overwhelming feeling of coming back to extra day(s) worth of work.  If a student is out unexpectedly, they still can access my lesson plans and their assignments. Here is the link for my lesson plans:

If they email me, I will help get them caught up.  There is no need for a parent to call or email on the matter of missed assignments unless your child is really ill and cannot do so him/herself.  I prefer students take ownership in their learning and email me themselves.  I am happy to discuss any and all issues with parents, but prefer high school students take ownership with their academics.  If they do not, I will contact you.  There is no reason a student would need to come into class and ask me what we did during their absence since they have constant access to that information.  There is a 20 minute "Corral period" before any English classes, where students can come get caught up or ask questions. 







Conference 7:55-8:48 & 2:58-3:47

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English 1 syllabus:

3rd period (9:16-10:04) 

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English 1 syllabus:

4th period (10:08-10:56)

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English 2 syllabus:

5th (11:00-11:45) 

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English 2syllabus:

6th (11:52-12:40)  

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English 4 syllabus:

Business English (1:14-2:02) 

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English 3 syllabus:

8th (2:06-2:54)

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