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    Mission Statement                               

    All teachers, staff members, and administrators at Robert Lee ISD believe that all students can learn. The students must be given an equal opportunity for a quality education based on a uniform curriculum based on state and district adopted courses to study.

    All students and parents/guardians have an obligation to take advantage of the opportunity to learn.

    The district personnel have an obligation to have high expectations for all students and to dedicate their efforts and resources to assure that every student will learn.

    The community has an obligation to provide the necessary resources that will ensure that the students have every opportunity to succeed in life.

    The use of technology will be integrated into all facets of curriculum and instruction. District and school-based planning will include the investigation of technology as a means for delivering instruction, students needs will guide the integration of technology into curriculum and instruction. The District will offer support for technology integration in five areas: planning and implementation, curriculum development, staff development, integrated program support, and hard/software acquisition and maintenance.