Coach Brown:

    World Geography, United States History and Economics 


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     April 10th and 13 (School Holidays) No Work will be assigned on these two days.  

    Students please click on link every Wednesday at 9:00 AM for our weekly discussions. 

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    12th Grade Economics-11th Grade United States History - 9th Grade World Geography

    Students will need to login to PLATO and begin working on assignments that have been assigned.  

    To get to PLATO go to the RLISD website click on Educational Links, scroll down till you find PLATO and log in. Student should have been sent their login information from Mr. Odell. 


    If you have any questions please feel free to email.



    Grading Policy Updates for coronavirus


    5th Six weeks grades

    Calculated by combining the grades from before spring break from the beginning of the 5th six weeks, with grades earned from home for the weeks of March 23- April 3.   Those grades will be figured using the following formula on April 14th.

    Completion Grade will be simply the number of assignments completed divided by the number of assignment given.   Example your student completed 10 history lessons and received 12 history assignments 10/12 = 83% your completion history grade would be 83.

    Online grade will be the average of all assignments given for that class plus 20 points for each assignment up to 100.

    Final average will be the Grade from work done at school before break as mentioned with the completion grade and the online grade.


    The 6th six weeks will be much easier to compute and will be solely 1 completion grade and 1 online grade averaged to get the final six weeks grade.  For the 6th six weeks the grade average earned online will be the grade given.  Example an 80 is an 80 a 90 is a 90 a 100 is a 100.

    Parents and students thank you for all your hard work.  We have tried to reduce assignments and grading however, we are counting the online instruction grades into averages.  This work is important and will impact semester and yearly grades.

    As always don’t hesitate to call or email   325-453-4555    david.odell@rlisd.net   806-433-1410


    kellye.duncan @rlisd.net


    Messages may also be sent to the school Facebook page.