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    May 11-15      
    Math Language & Phonemic Art/Fine
      Literacy Awareness Motor
    Count to 100!!! Listen to Make a list of words Test objects in water
      Harry the Dirty Dog that rhyme with bag to see if they
          sink or float
    Count how many times Listen to Pull a letter from your bag Draw a picture!
    it takes to hop across Llama Llama Learns and name 5 words  
    your yard   To Swim that begin with it  
    Pick a number from your Listen to  Play a game Dance to
    card bag and find that many How I Became a Pirate with your letter cards go noodle videos
    things outside     on youtube.com
    Draw a picture of Practice your Find 3 things that Sing along to
    today's weather color word cards end with L Mr. Sun, Sun,
          Mr. Golden Sun
    Count out 10 pieces Write a story about Sing the abcs Draw a picture of 
    of cereal--if you eat 5 what you want to   our class
    pieces, how many are left? do this summer