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    All science classes will be using plato.  

    ***All classes will have one ZOOM meeting on Tuesday at 11 AM ***

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    zoom meeting 11 AM Tuesday

    **This is the last week of assignments.  Please make sure all of the assignments are done by this Friday.  



    Week of  5/11/20 DUE ON FRIDAY 5/15/20

    Biology:  Make sure you have completed all of the following assignments


    Semester A 

    • Genetic Mutations  
    • Inheritance Patterns and Genetic Research
    • Nervous System 
    • Muscle/ Skeletal System
    •  Respiratory 
    • Digestive Systems
    • Integumentary
    • Human Reproduction 

    Semester B 

    • Macronutrients and Micronuctrients
    • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    • May 11 - 15  Cycles in Ecosystems



    Chemistry:  Make sure you have completed all of the following assignments

    semester A 

    • Covalent Bonds
    • Complex structures
    • Organic Compounds 
    • Chemical Reaction Patterns
    • Advanced Reaction Patterns
    • Classifying Matter
    • Reaction Rates                                                   
    • Properties and Changes of Matter 
    • Structure of the Atom  
    • The Periodic Table                                   
    • Periodic Trends of Elements
    • May 11-15 Ionic Compounds                 

    Semester B

    • Water and Solutions 
    • The Behavior of Gases




    Env. Systems -  Make sure you have completed all of the following assignments

    • Resource Inequality
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Waste Management 
    • Understanding Populations
    • Nonrenewable Energy Sources
    •  Human Population/ Land Use
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Pollution
    • Air Pollution
    • Sustainable Development
    • Environmental Policies
    • May 11 – 15  Environmental Quality



    If you have any questions you can email me, use remind at the above link, or I will be available for zoom meetings on Tuesdays at the following times.  Click on the appropriate link at the set times to meet with me.