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    I will be giving specific assignments to do each week from now on.  There will be 8 lessons per week.  Each lesson will need to be done until the desired grade is achieved.  Example:  if you want to recieve a "B" on the lesson, you must keep answering questions until your score is 80 or more.  To receive an "A", you must keep answering questions until your score is 90 or more. If your score is a 50, then your grade will be 50 for that lesson.   So don't just quit after a few questions.  At the end of the six weeks, all of your scores on ALL lessons will be averaged together for your six weeks grade.  The higher each score on each lesson, the higher your grade will be.  (See the school's main webpage on the right under:  Jr. High/ High School Grading Policy Updates.)


    The assignments I give are those that have not been done very well before or you will probably see on a future STAAR test.  Even if you have done the lesson before, go ahead and do it again. The questions will probably be different in some cases, since there are thousand of questions.

     Week April 14-17

    Eglish I - lessons D1-3, E1-3, G 1 and 2

    English II - Lessons II 1, FF 2, X 1 and 2, N 1-4

    English III - D 1-3, E 1-3, G 1 and 2

    English IV - D 1-3, E 1-3, H 2 and 3

     Week April 20-24

    Eglish I - lessons D4, E4-6, H1

    English II - Lessons N5, Q1 and 2, Y 1 and 2

    English III - E4-6, K 1 and 2

    English IV - E4-6, K 1 and 2


    Week April 27-May 1

    Eglish I - lessons M 3-6

    English II - Lessons M 3-6

    English III - Lessons K 3-6

    English IV - Lessons K 3-6


    Week May 4-8

    Eglish I - lessons Q 1 and 2, S 1

    English II - Lessons S 1-3

    English III - Lessons Q 1-3

    English IV - Lessons Q 3-5


    Week May 11-15

    Eglish I - lesson W1

    English II - Lesson W1

    English III - Lesson T1

    English IV - Lesson T1


    Students can log in to ZOOM by using their Gmail address.


    Students, click the following link to join my live session every Thursday at 10:00 A.M.

    Zoom Link


    Meeting ID 126-405-519




     RLISD IXL Link




    If you do not have access to a mobile phone, lap top, or internet access you may call the school for packet work.